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Argh! Aaargh! And triple Aaaaargh!!!

[Originally posted to my first blog at Xanga]

Argh! Aaargh! And triple Aaaaargh!!! Why does this happen, why?

I go and buy ribbon for my very old Brother word processor because I now have a scanner and I really wanted to get all my old cheesy stories from the infuriatingly exclusive Brother WP-1400D format (it’s not only their own format, it is exclusive to the 1400D!) to my PC so I could look at them and go, “What the hell was I thinking!”

Of course, I get the wp, plug it in, insert the disk… and nothing. A loud rattly noise, spinning and spinning, more rattly noises, but ultimately nothing. In the couple of months since I last turned the wp on (3 months ago tops) the disk drive has ceased to work. So now not only do I have an unusable word processor and 7 disks full of stories and whatnot, but also 2 ribbon catridges that I can’t do anything with!

I can get it fixed, yes… at a cost of about $120-$150 dollars! I don’t think the damn thing cost that much in the first place!!!

Argh. I’m gonna go stare at it in anger a little longer. Perhaps it will get the hint and start working. Unlikely, but it may make me feel better.


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