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Ghost World

[Originally posted to my first blog at Xanga]

Last night I saw this really cool movie, Ghost World. It was funny, weird, quirky, annoying, fantastic, simple and thoughtful all at once. I may not be a teenager anymore, but I am always thankful for a good dose of angst; contrary to popular belief, you don’t lose it as you get older, it gets refined.

I must say my respect for Thora Birch (left, as Enid) has gone way up and I can now forgive her being in that travesty called Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie. She really had me along for the ride here; sometimes I felt sympahty and empathy for her, sometimes I wanted to smack her. But then again, that is the whole point of this film.

I am 27 years old, positively too old by many’s account, to be in this boat, but I know exactly what Enid is going through. What’s worse, I know what awaits her. While I will admit my own laziness and frequent lack of motivation, living in this world, in this society can be a crushing blow to anyone with an ounce of sensibility. I sometimes wish I was dumb and accepted everything as-is, no questions asked. That way I could go get a job in some stupid, dead-end place, work only to pay my rent and forget about everything else. But I can’t. If I do so, I would be going against every fiber of my being, and might as well just kill the person I am and become just another automaton in the Great American Society ™.

My reality is different now that it was when I was Enid’s age, however, so I have learned to make some small compromises, and am working on learning to make even more. In that sense I am, I guess, more like Seymore. That gives me goosebumps, though. Perhaps I should’ve looked for that bus stop back when I was 19, gotten on that bus and just gone away. What’s scary is that I did something similar when I was 20: I went to the airport, got in a plane, and came to Miami. I was looking to escape my baggage in Puerto Rico, but a few weeks past I discovered I had brought it with me. Perhaps I should go look for Enid somewhere in Miami. God knows Miami is a “ghost world” all it’s own.

Go see the film. It’s really great.

— Highmoon
Still listening to Ace of Base

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