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The Great Crash of 2002

[Originally posted to my first blog at Xanga]

Last night was bad. I downloaded a screen saver and it turned out to be infected. It erased key files from Windows so I couldn’t use it. It also erased random files and folders. In order to fix things I had to reformat the hard drive and do a system reinstall. The result:

I lost everything. All my papers, all my images, all my websites, all my gaming stuff. But most importantly, I lost all my stories. At least 3 years of creative thought gone; at least a dozen completed stories, about a handful of in-progress, scores of ideas, and a completed 97-page screenplay. All gone.

It still hasn’t sunk in, but it will.

And now today I found out my car’s radiator has a hairline crack which I will have to fix. That caused me to miss tonight’s Passover Seder.


But hey, it’s great to be here!!!!!!!!
(notice the obvious attempt at excitement)

— Highmoon
No stories, no car, but still in love and loved
And about to take the horrible bus again…

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