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I am so freakin’ busy lately

I am so freakin’ busy lately that I want to get into bed and stay there! Work is now a nightmare, since my bosses have decided to throw their fate with some other company and that entails lots and lots of reports of information I have never kept track of in the past year and a half. Ugh…

On other fronts, things are cool. I have started doing some more d20 freelance writing, with one adventure for Devil’s Workshop just finished (based on the movie Alien, for better or worse), and an accepted query for a project on monsters and creatures from the Talmud and Midrash for Ronin Arts. Both projects would be PDF releases, which is very cool (not only does it cut the turnaround time between writing and publishing to only a few weeks, PDF gaming publishing is where some of the best d20 ideas are these days). I am quite excited about writing some stuff again, especially the Creatures of the Talmud and Midrash project!

Can’t waitl till August 30 for classes to start at FIU, so I can finally start on my MA in Lit. I miss academia so bad!

Check my website for some updates, and see some pics from my recent trip to Puerto Rico.

— Highmoon
Wanting to go home, write some stuff, and forget about corporate America forever!!!

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