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Spirit of the Century

Spirit of the Century

I broke down and finally got Spirit of the Century; I ordered the book/PDF combo from Indie Press Revolution, and I am already anxious to get my book. I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about Spirit of the Century for the past few months, especially in various of the gaming podcasts, and I have been drooling over the FATE System which powers SotC, amazed at its conceptual simplicity yet robust ability, and wondering how can I use it to power new products for Highmoon Media. Even cooler, there’s at least two new FATE-powered games in development out there–Houses of the Blooded by John Wick and Far West by Gareth-Michael Skarka–that promise to take FATE in new directions and have super cool concepts to look forward to.

At least I have the PDF to nibble on before the main course that is the 420-page (!) book arrives.

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