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[Witch Hunter] Witch Hunter Game Restarting

After finishing the first adventure, a modified version of Swans, one of the intro adventures from the Witch Hunter: Dark Providence campaign (available free at DarkProvidence.net), the group disbanded and then Autumn and Winter were upon us. We tried to restart in late January, but then I had to fly to Puerto Rico all of a sudden, so the game was put on hold once more.

After checking with the players last Friday, yesterday I sent out the first post for the second adventure of our Witch Hunter PBeM game. On a boat heading to England are Will O’Malley, Irish adventurer with a conflicted spirit (Mick Bradley); Adam Dantley, British thief seeking redemption (Josh Hoade); and Esme Thatherton, a white woman adopted into the ways of the Ghost People (Chris Engler). We lost one of the players (Mark Gedak, playing Marie Emond) though I’m sure he’ll come back down the line once his work situation becomes manageable again.

Here’s hoping my first post doesn’t get lonely and we can actually get this game going!

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