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New Bike Store in Miami Beach: Federal Bike Depot

This store opened during my time out of town so I just recently had a chance to stop by and visit. Here’s the store’s info:

Federal Bike Depot
327 W 47 St (Pinetree Dr & 47 St)
Miami Beach, FL 33140
305-538-BIKE (2453)
http://www.federal-bike.com (not operational at the moment of this article)
federalbike @ yahoo.com

The store is located in the Middle Beach area, which seems to have become something of a hub of Miami Beach cycling as it sports the most bike lanes I’ve seen around. It’s a small shop but it carries all the essentials, and I’m sure they can order anything else you might need without a problem. Their selection of bikes is fairly varied, including cruisers from Sun Bicycles, mountain and hybrid bikes from Marin Bicycles, and racing-style bikes. They also offer bike repair services for most brands and they offer delivery and pick up. Most convenient for us is the fact they are open on Sundays (Mon-Sat  11-7, Sun 10-4), something the store we’d been using thus far in Aventura does not have.

I spoke a bit with co-owner Orlando. He’s been a bike mechanic for years, having worked at other Miami bike shops, and finally decided to open one himself (with a partner, whom I did not meet during my visit). He knows his stuff, and was very eager about the store and the nice location they got, right in the middle of Miami Beach. They’re still getting the word out about the store and looking to get more business, so if you’re a Miami Beach cyclist that rides around the Middle Beach area, drop by and take a look. I know that with this shop located just a hop away from my home, I’ll be visiting a lot.

  1. amaury
    May 5, 2011 at 8:26 PM

    3921 ALTON RD
    MIAMI BEACH, FL 33140

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