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Two Awesome Bicycle T-Shirts

This last weekend I came across two fantastic bicycle-themed T-shirts that deserve to be shared.

The first one was spotted at BikeTown Miami, on Thursday 8/27. Worn by Mike Lydon (of Transit Miami and part of the group driving the Miami Bicycle Master Plan), it boldly states what every cyclist in Miami is thinking: MORE BIKE LANES! A companion shirt to that one I’d make would read: MORE CONSCIENTIOUS DRIVERS (or something to that effect in less polite language, though this is Miami and I know when I’m pushing my luck). I forgot to ask Mike where he got his shirt, so if I find out later I’ll make a note of it.

The second was spotted Saturday night in Publix at Collins and 65 St. I was about to leave when I saw this dude (whose name I forgot to ask) wearing it; I had to take a pic and he was nice enough to take a moment to indulge me. The shirt reads: CITY MPG ? | Fuel Economy Information | HIGHWAY MPG ?. I thought it was brilliant in its graphic simplicity and direct message, and the green color was spot on as well. This one I did find online, so you can pick one up at Threadless Tees: Infinity MPG.

I’m going to be making Slow Bike Miami T-shirts for us to wear at the Bike Miami Days & Rides, but I’d also like to make some more general ones as well. Checking out all the bike T-shirts out there gives me ideas.

If you see some neat bicycle-themed shirts, let me know, yes? Use the comments to this post or the Contact form provided.

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  1. Tucker B
    September 8, 2009 at 4:46 PM

    The MORE BIKE LANES t-shirt is from Brooklyn Industries. Unfortunately, they don’t have any in stock and don’t expect any soon. (I’ve asked; I want one too!)

  2. September 8, 2009 at 5:11 PM

    Thanks a lot, Tucker. I’ll keep an eye out, and if not, I’ll make my own. 🙂

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