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[Review] Revere: Revolution in Silver

Revere: Revolution in Silver Revere: Revolution in Silver by Ed Lavallee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Having never seen the original 4-issue miniseries, I am glad Archaia Studios put out this deluxe collection because Revere: Revolution in Silver is a tale that demands to be read by all. The simple premise — Paul Revere fights off Werewolves during the early days of the American Revolution — grabs you by the throat; it’s amazing more tales like this, combining the early history of our nation and the supernatural, have not been done (and those that want more like this, should immediately go and buy Colonial Gothic: Rulebook). The tale has a nice pace, the writing is superb and the art both unique in style and evocative of the era and tone. The only flaw I find is that it is only the beginning of the tale and we are left with a very nail-biting cliffhanger! I want more!

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