About Me

Welcome to DMPerez.com, the domain of Daniel M. Perez. I’m happy you dropped by.

A few quick facts about me: I’m originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico and I moved to Miami, Florida in 1995. I’m in my 30s, a Libra and a Jewish convert. I have way too many projects going on at the same time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. These are:

Please take a look around, check out the various areas of the site (the blog, archives, links and of course, the travel journals) and read on. Enjoy!

A Disclaimer: DMPerez.com is my personal site, not one tied up to a business. As such, it showcases my honest and unadulterated point of view on anything and everything. I welcome serious conversation and inquiries, and will completely ignore taunts, flames or trolling. I respect people, and I expect the same respect in return, whether you agree with me or not. In a perfect world I would not even have to make this disclaimer, but that’s life.

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