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Project Roundup (Oct. 7, 09)

Project Roundup (Sept. 6, 09)

September 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Project RoundupI’m starting a new feature on my blog called the Project Roundup.

I keep a handful of blogs on different subjects. Before, I would have them syndicate that content here into this blog as a way of making Highmoon’s Pondering an all-things-me clearing house. Problem is, I find that tactic ends up diluting this blog’s content. The Roundup is a way of keeping this blog a central info place for all the stuff I’m doing without the clutter of syndicated posts.

The Project Roundup will be done on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, depending on how much content there is on the other blogs.

Highmoon Games

The Gamer Traveler

Miami Metblog

Slow Bike Miami

TGT/TDF Special Episode 04 – GTS Report

This episode is going out on both The Gamer Traveler and The Digital Front feeds; my apologies if you get them both.

I had the opportunity and fortune to fly out to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the GAMA Trade Show 2008, April 20-24 (though I was there April 22-24). There I was able to see a lot of the new games coming out this year, demo some of them, and talk to a lot of industry folks about the current state of gaming and the future of our hobby and industry. I hope you enjoy the report.

For more GTS audio reports, check out Pulp Gamer: Out of Character, Pulp Gamer: Inside Track with Anthony Gallela, the OgreCave Audio Report, and the combined episode of 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction and That’s How We Roll.

Check out photos of GTS and Las Vegas on Flickr.

TGT/TDF Special Episode 03 – Goodbye Gary Gygax

This episode is going out on both The Gamer Traveler and The Digital Front feeds; my apologies if you get them both. 

On March 4, 2008 – GM’s Day – Dungeons & Dragons co-creator E. Gary Gygax passed away. These are just some quick thoughts about the man, and what he, and his creation, meant to me. Godspeed, Gary. So long and thank you for the games.

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TGT Special Episode 02 – Gen Con Wrap-up

TGT Special Episode 02 – Gen Con Wrap-up 

Fresh from the awesomeness that is Gen Con, Daniel sits down with his friend Josh Hoade to record their impressions of the convention, talk about the great time each had in Indy, and the games they played and brought back to Miami.

Check out the Gen Con 2007 photos at Flickr.

Gen Con
Hanging out with the Fear the Boot crew.